Looking for more? See our Premium Suite by Clicking Here REDI/Catylist Member resources  

Looking for more? See our Premium Suite by Clicking Here
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Welcome to your new Marketing Tool!

Submit your listings to REDI/Catylist CIE-CMLS
with a no cost, no contract option to be displayed through the
Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors Web Site
  Free listings display on Commercial Board web site 
  Free Administrative log-in 
premium feature   Full Agent/Broker log-in 
premium feature   Included national public marketing 
Your listings will be publicly marketed on the Commercial Board website,
as a benefit of your Atlanta Commercial Board of Realtors membership.

Additional Premium services are available for ACBR Member preferred pricing.
Contact REDI/Catylist for information about our Premium suite of Commercial Data Service options.
premium feature   Included national research 
premium feature   Broadcast emailing 
premium feature   Needs & Wants 
premium feature   Google Earth integration 
premium feature   Local/National comps research 
premium feature   Demographics, Census, Traffic reports 
  premium feature   Retail logo reports 
premium feature   Maps, Aerials, Chart reports 

Ask us about REDI Catylist Commercial Real Estate Services
Contact our sales team today for a demo or see if we're alreay in your market. 
Contact sales today at 800-574-9185 x803  | info@redicatylist.com
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