CIE/CMLS access plans and pricing  In partnership with
as low as
 *CARW member preferred pricing

as low as
 *CARW member preferred pricing


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Included features
Free Administrative log-in    Administrators enjoy Free Log-in access for Listings Management
Full access log-in    In depth research of property information, all in-network listings, and all features
Included national public marketing      Through our local EDC partners, SEO web search, and CommercialExchange
Included national research     No added cost for national access. Enjoy one low rate for everything! 
Broadcast emailing       Broadcast your listings,  get more leads, report results to your client
Needs & Wants       Post client needs/wants within our network of R.E. Professionals feedback 
Google Earth integration     Create dynamic maps and tours in just minutes 
Local/National comps research     Up to date sale comps, researched by MAI trained researchers  
Demographics, Census, Traffic reports     1-3-5 mile block level radius - the most accurate in the industry 
    REIS Market Reports by Moody's    A summary of key real estate supply and demand metrics by REIS, a Moody's company
    REDI Market Trend Reports    Quarterly Absorption and Vacancy report and historic trends 
On demand trends and statistics     Generate on demand trends and statistics based on your search criteria 
Retail logo reports         Showing retail companies around your sibject area 
Maps, Aerials, Chart reports    25+ report options
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